Seadance by AORCA Associação de Observação, Regeneração e Criação na Actualidade,

is a platform to support artists’ needs for innovation in contemporary performing arts. It is a wave of contemporary dance and associated art forms, directed by Sofia Brito. Seadance is regularly holding spaces for artists to get more support from an international professional community that co-creates the events. Each event offers an opportunity for professionals to meet and support each other within their personal process. The Seadance aim is to support an experimental spirit in creation, offering artists gatherings with time and space for: high technical  training, support in creative research, to compose, to see and be seen. 

We are going to have our first Creative Lab Pro during 2 weeks in March/April 2020, with international artists/teachers coming together to Lagos, to share their passion and performing. 

The Workshops PRO given by international recognised artists, offer practicings with specific focus on research or coaching composition for professionals and pre-professionals. The Nature Intensives are fun training programs designed for professional artists movers (dancers, circus performers, martial artists). Offering energizing combination, in studio and nature outdoors practicings, to nourish the body restorative ability, with excitement challenges by meeting nature. 

We aim to create a living cultural diversity in Algarve, south of Portugal, through the emergence of an exciting professional arts scene in Lagos and Algarve. We believe in combining the power of nature with performing arts to bring new inspirations and depths to the creative process. That is why Lagos and the south-west coast is a perfect new spot in the world map of contemporary dance and performing arts.

why a wave of contemporary dance?

There are many ways to talk about contemporary dance, nevertheless it is difficult to define this art form. It is an art, where the player, the instrument, and the music are one; and it is with us all the time: our body, our selves, our lives.

Freedom of expression

 I’ll say that the higher strength, power, and vulnerability of this dance form is the freedom that it has. The search for an authentic and meaningful communication is a high challenge in an art form that can be almost anything and talk about any subject. Is tremendous flexible, and creative, it is often an open space, where all performing arts came together. You can not get a glimpse of this art only with one artist, or one performance, you need a large range of artists and also a chance to taste it form the dance itself. To discover contemporary dance you need diversity, and a body that resonate, willing to live an experience.

Celebrating Movement

The beauty of athletic dancers combined with all kinds of human emotion expressions. From theatrical to dance, mixed with acorbatic, exploring complexity, personal virtuosity and still honoring every simple movement. Contemporary dance has it all, beyond fusions, beyond labels, celebrating movement large and small, complex and simple, making it a dance from anything, natural and daily movement are a large part of this dance vocabulary. 

A dance to dance

The inclusivity of this art form is empowering dance to everyone. Simple in its essence, still challenging in its transmission. Each time more methodologies to bring it more accessible to everyone curious about this fun and yet profound dance form. 

Contemporary dance is an art to be lived, to be experienced and there are many proposals to cross the brother of audience and performer. In contemporary dance is much more a state of mind and body. It is not so much about what you do, but how intense and deeply you are experiencing what you do.

Sharing the creative process 

Artists want to share with the audience a reality where the audience could recognise that they are part of their creation. So in the need for that, the contemporary dance artist  development ‘in real time composition’ and ‘improvisation for stage’, used as tools and as an art form in itself, that support authenticity and real communication with audiences. Also characteristic of this artist is the innovation of the performance frame, exploring non conventional performing spaces, creative outdoor and public art compositions. In real time composition and Improvisation skills are a must, for dance and for live.

A living art for living people

In a world where technology and screen come in between people, the ‘dance spaces with authenticity of pure dance’ and ‘audience oriented performing arts’ are an important playground where all ages share and vibrate together. When the artist and audience connect, In this art form, all people feel reconnect and belonging to our fundamental nature. 

Release dance techniques

The deep shift thoughts behind the postmodern art, with the acceptance of failing, focusing on the value of the process more than the result, the shape less or searching for before / behind the shape, the need of emotional connection with the audience… from that time of the 70’s to our days’ contemporary dance, an amaysing path has been walked, dancers have been developing the ‘dance release techniques’. Try it, then we can talk about it, if you need!