Fighting Monkey workshop by Natalia Pieczuro

An open workshop serves as a basic platform for the Fighting Monkey Practice: it’s an overall introduction to the qualities and ideas that have been developed over the last 15 years of F.M. research. There are no restrictions or prerequisites, in terms of former experience and background. Groups usually consist of people from various fields and levels of skills but anyone can easily find their place to work and explore – anyone interested in human evolution.

You will experience mainly “movement situations” – irregular training methods to provoke and increase the adaptive value of your behavioral traits and strategic planning. We will work on complex and most of the time improvised structures to improve your movement qualities and increase your creative variability. We will help you to understand the underlying principles of human motion and how stress and pressure affects our perception, behavior and actions and how creatively adaptive you are in complex situations. Foster improvisation, imagination and creativity. The above are vital to problem solving. Which is vital to adaptability, longevity and sustainability. Play games. Expose yourself to difficulties. We will concentrate on strengthening and elaborating your partnering skills – other words speaking: your « communication skills ». Working with the partner will bring us the alive and so precious irregularity in the training; will influence our behavior, the diversity of qualities, tempo and rhythm of our movement. Through partnering work – “movement situations”, coordinations, work with tools, injury prevention and body conditioning and « being », we will work on strengthening the focus, the awareness and the whole system. We will break the patterns, learn new patterns and try to find our wings. We will question how can one learn as much as he can and want? How can one be open to the “new” and still be well rooted?

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